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Brief History

PPC Farms, LLC has provided the highest quality produce to our consumers since 1972. Family owned and operated, third generation farmers and brothers Anwar and Marcelino Garza along with Isaac Kim are leading the company and ensuring that our main focus is continually guaranteeing the best quality and food safety on all our commodities.

“PPC Farms, LLC  is committed to innovation; we have invested in organic and conventional farming in Texas to bring better and healthier choices for families across America. We are determined on becoming your trusted and leading produce company.”

Marcelino Garza, President

Our Mission

Our Mission, here at PPC Farms, is to provide high quality produce and service to meet our customers’ needs while being responsible stewards of the land.  We offer both Texas conventional and Texas organic produce from our own farms as well as in cooperation with farmers and partners we trust. We partner with research institutions such as University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and Texas A&M to implement and pioneer innovative, agroecological and sustainable farming practices.  

Food Safety

We take produce and food safety seriously here at PPC Farms. This has been accomplished by the implementation of strict food safety programs such as Primus GFS and by abiding by all USDA, FDA, EPA, TDA and any other local, state and federal regulations that are applicable to our operations.

We are committed to continuously working towards our Primus GFS Food Safety Management System by constantly and continuously reviewing all pertinent food safety objectives and plans set in place. Here at Plantation Produce, we ensure that all necessary resources are available to support the development, implementation and maintenance of our Food Safety Management System- Primus GFS.

Our Vision

PPC Farms hopes to sustainably provide high quality produce that meet the local and national market demands, making fresh produce accessible and affordable to all our customers.


Social Responsibility

We at PPC Farms realize the importance of taking care of our environment and our community. We control more than 700 acres of certified organic farmland and over 2500 acres of the conventional. Since we understand the importance of taking care of our land to be able to produce the best quality produce, we continuously look for ways to implement sustainable and ecologically sound farming methods to improve our productivity.  We have in place a integrated pest management system and other conservation practices to improve our use of water and soil.  


As a pioneer and a leader in organic farming in South Texas, we have formulated a strong partnership with University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and the National Center for Appropriate Technology through the Subtropical Organic Agricultural Research (SOAR) Partnership to conduct research on our farms.  The area specific research results are then shared with other organic growers in South Texas so that the innovative techniques can become widely known and adopted.  

PPC Farms LLC supports local food banks, church pantries, soup kitchens and homeless shelters in the Rio Grande Valley.  Through our donations, we are helping all members of our community have access to locally grown fresh produce.


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We are proud of our Subtropical Organic Agriculture Partnership with the University of Texas.